Caregiving dads treated disrespectfully at work, new study finds

We still have a long way to go in this department!  I believe that generational turnover is so slow that it takes a long time (maybe longer than our lifespan) to see changes in behaviors.  And we can’t discount that some offspring are going to learn from their parents so it is difficult to change these beliefs.



Caregiving dads treated disrespectfully at work, new study finds.

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Nontoxic cancer therapy proves effective against metastatic cancer

This is interesting since tumor cells rely heavily on glucose (sugar or carbohydrate) metabolism.  However, a ketogenic diet is a difficult one to maintain over time and we still do not have enough long-term data to say if there are other health benefits or hazards (in humans).

It is interesting to note that at an Aging Research Seminar I attended last week the consensus was a high carbohydrate diet increased the healthspan and lifespan.  This was evident in a number of models.

Looks like we have a ways to go before we can cure or prevent cancer while simultaneously improve the healthspan and the lifespan of humans.



Nontoxic cancer therapy proves effective against metastatic cancer.

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ElliptiGO – would it get you off the couch and outside?

I have taken a hiatus lately due to a move and other factors.  In the past I have heavily criticized Segway vehicles (or similar) for providing motorized transportation for the average person in light of the obesity problem in the U.S. and other industrialized nations.

Image of i2

Now here is a suitable replacement that requires your movement and on the flats is probably as fast as a motorized Segway.   You can still be outside, get much needed physical activity, and travel a reasonable distance.

Now I haven’t test-driven this machine and like everything else in life it has some shortcomings:  not aerodynamic, heavy to carry up stairs, too large to keep in an office or small area, a high center of gravity (which could? cause some stability/safety issues), and cost.

But it is certainly worth taking a look at or at least taking a test drive.




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Fight it! Beat it!

Fight it! Beat it!Show everyone that you can win the battle against Cancer! Whether you are a survivor, friend, family, or caregiver you can show your support for the biggest battle most us will face in our lives! Show you care and give hope to others!

Visit my store at to buy or design your own Fight it!  Beat it!  apparel and accessories!

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New PSA Test, Prostate Health Index, Approved by FDA

Blood test

New PSA Test, Prostate Health Index, Approved by FDA |

What timing?  Was this coincidental or did someone have inside information (and perhaps a vested interest) about this new test Prostate Health Index.  You know medicine (pharmaceuticals) is big business!

How much will this test cost the consumer?  Will it be more costly than the current PSA test?  I guess we will find out soon enough!

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If Exercise is Medicine then this must be bad medicine!

Image of i2This started the revolution.  Good idea for some applications – security, law enforcement, etc. bad idea for the general public since we already move too little!  If  Exercise is Medicine® then certainly the idea of not moving (with your own limbs that is) is bad medicine!

Move over Segway, Honda introduces the Uni-Cub – Orlando Sentinel.

This is sure to contribute to the further downfall of the human race (at least judged from a physiological point of view). Can there be any reason to manufacture something like this other than to make a profit? Besides the obvious – more people sitting and less people moving their bodies problem leading to obesity and a host of other chronic disease – there are some problems with this machine. It seems to work on smooth floors and surfaces: try going down a dilapidated sidewalk or your 3″ shag carpet from the 70’s. Was that the remote in the “model’s” hand or was she texting with her phone? I see some major problems with collisions, lawsuits, and envy among colleagues!

Apple seems to be good at creating products that we must all have (or can’t live without) and look cool and sexy will Honda and others do the same?

…and there is more trouble on the horizon!

Motorized Unicycle

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Overdiagnosis poses significant threat to human health

File:Assessment and treatment algorithm for overweight and obesity.png

We have such a great medical system when it comes to diagnosing disease with advanced techniques.  You don’t have to tell anyone that has been diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening disease, illness, or injury the benefits of advanced imaging, testing, and treatment!  You probably know someone who has been there or perhaps yourself.  There is no denying that thanks to advanced medical practices the world is a better place.

But what about when the doctor orders a lot of tests and something is found.  Maybe it is serious, maybe it is not.  Who is going to determine the seriousness of the malady?  You?  Your doctor?  A specialist?  Someone has to make an informed decision:  you or someone on your behalf.

These advanced diagnostics are usually more expensive and do place a burden on the healthcare system.  Then what about follow-up and treatment – does your doctor wait and watch or do they order more tests or do they suggest something more involved (such as surgery).

I think we have a pretty good set of checks and balances in the U.S. (if we utilize them) such as consumer watchdogs, insurance companies, and the doctors themselves.  Of course, there is the internet to find out medical information – but it is buyer beware!!

The bottom line is you (the patient) or as the patient’s caregiver has to take some responsibility in deciding the direction of medical diagnosis-treatment.  Don’t depend on your doctor 100% to tell you what to do.  Ask questions, read up on the subject (from reliable sources), and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  And by all means get a second opinion!

Yes, it may not be convenient but it is yours or your loved ones health at stake!

“Ignore your health and it will go away” <Unknown>

Overdiagnosis poses significant threat to human health.

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Persistence is learned from fathers, study suggests

This is my Leave it to Beaver photo!

This came out just in time for Father’s Day 2012.  Great timing!  There is no doubt that mothers should and do get credit for a lot of what happens during child rearing but sometime I feel like we fathers (like Rodney Dangerfield) never get any respect!

So it’s nice to be acknowledged from time to time for contributions made to child rearing.

I feel strongly that most fathers have a significant impact on the upbringing of their children.  That of course can be good or bad.  We are human.  We are imperfect.  Children emulate us.  It is difficult for any parent to keep all this in perspective when we live in such a complicated world with so many things demanding our attention.

But we need to take time out and reflect (easier said than done) about our families and how our words, actions, and thoughts impact the quality of our family life.  After all the reason we decided to have children was to…

Persistence is learned from fathers, study suggests.

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Up! Off our duffs! | The Legal Genealogist

Up! Off our duffs! | The Legal Genealogist.

Did you know that in some places important genealogical data is being destroyed?  Or that our access to our ancestors information may be restricted?  You should check out the blog above to learn more.  If you have an interest in family history then you should be concerned.

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What we call ourselves — finding the right term for cancer – Cancerwise | Cancer blog from MD Anderson Cancer Center

What we call ourselves — finding the right term for cancer – Cancerwise | Cancer blog from MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Read more: Andrew Griffith has mantle cell lymphoma and had an auto (November 2009) and an allo (August 2011) stem cell transplant. He lives in Canada and is married with two young adult children. He blogs at, is working on a book on his journey and can be followed on Twitter@lymphomajourney.

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