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Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of this on Friday!

Glad to see that NORAD will be able to use its Santatracker system more than once a year! One of the ULC Monastery’s writers came up with a few predictions about the impending apocalyptic event (which can be read here: … Continue reading

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Nora, The Piano Playing Cat

            Nora, The Piano Playing Cat.

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At least 5 aftershocks rattle DC area – US news – Life –

        Modified Mercalli Intensity scale The lower degrees of the Modified Mercalli Intensity scale generally deal with the manner in which the earthquake is felt by people. The higher numbers of the scale are based on observed … Continue reading

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Baltimore earthquake: 5.8 magnitude quake felt in Baltimore – Baltimore Sun

That was a completely surreal experience mainly because we were not expecting it!  It was like getting t-boned by another car at an intersection when you least expect it.  It not only rattled structures but also the psyches of many … Continue reading

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Dailymotion – Start of the third race – Sports & Extreme video

Dailymotion – Start of the third race – Sports & Extreme video. Do you like horses (trotters to be exact) and do you like professional bike racing???  Who doesn’t when it involves a race between man and beast (with a … Continue reading

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Le Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike at

  Pretty soon we will be able to cycle indoors like the holodeck in Star Trek!  With all the traffic, potholes, dogs, and crazy drivers!  See below!       So, you get a realistic workout-just as if you were … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Darwin Awards…

You just have to love this stuff!!  I love their mission: Honoring those who improve the species…by  accidentally removing themselves from it!  You’ll love this stuff!  You probably won’t get any work done and forget to perform ordinary hygiene when you … Continue reading

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Don’t try this at home!!!

  At first I thought this was going to be one of those cooking meth in my kitchen and it blows up!  But no!  It’s worse than that!  And the guy says he bought some of the items on eBay! … Continue reading

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‪Thank you very much for not blocking the bike lane! :)

‪Vilnius Mayor A.Zuokas Fights Illegally Parked Cars with Tank‬‏ – YouTube. Seems more like a publicity stunt maybe by the tourism board!!  The guy who got his Mercedes crushed seems a little too understanding!  And doesn’t that look like an … Continue reading

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Momma always said “Eat your Veggies!”

PETA Models Show Vegan Is Sexy – Photos – WFTV Orlando. Finally, maybe someone will take notice of veggies! I guess they were taking a page out of Lady Ga Ga’s playbook but using veggies instead of meat!  Of course … Continue reading

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