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Do Solar Storms Threaten Life as We Know It?

          This is pretty interesting!  It appears that maybe we should be paying more attention to these things than our electricity bills, pollution, the deficit, and politics!!  I’m afraid to go to Yellowstone now! One good … Continue reading

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At least 5 aftershocks rattle DC area – US news – Life –

        Modified Mercalli Intensity scale The lower degrees of the Modified Mercalli Intensity scale generally deal with the manner in which the earthquake is felt by people. The higher numbers of the scale are based on observed … Continue reading

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Baltimore earthquake: 5.8 magnitude quake felt in Baltimore – Baltimore Sun

That was a completely surreal experience mainly because we were not expecting it!  It was like getting t-boned by another car at an intersection when you least expect it.  It not only rattled structures but also the psyches of many … Continue reading

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Air Quality Guide for Ozone

        Air Quality Guide for Ozone Air Quality Index Protect Your Health Good (0-50) No health impacts are expected when air quality is in this range. Moderate (51-100) Unusually sensitive people should consider limiting prolonged outdoor exertion. … Continue reading

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Help for Thunder-Phobic Dogs — Veterinarians Show Consoling Dogs Does Not Relieve Their Panic

ScienceDaily () — A new study shows that dogs can get very upset during thunderstorms, whether or not their owner holds them. The study measured the stress hormone cortisol to be up to three times normal levels while the dogs … Continue reading

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