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If Exercise is Medicine then this must be bad medicine!

This started the revolution.  Good idea for some applications – security, law enforcement, etc. bad idea for the general public since we already move too little!  If  Exercise is Medicine® then certainly the idea of not moving (with your own limbs … Continue reading

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Video and Photos Capture Transit of Venus From Space | Wired Science |

Video and Photos Capture Transit of Venus From Space | Wired Science | This video from NASA is absolutely breathtaking!  If you missed the real thing or if you just saw a turtle like we did when we used the old … Continue reading

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Do Solar Storms Threaten Life as We Know It?

          This is pretty interesting!  It appears that maybe we should be paying more attention to these things than our electricity bills, pollution, the deficit, and politics!!  I’m afraid to go to Yellowstone now! One good … Continue reading

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Medical News: For Men, Children Protect the Heart – in Cardiovascular, Myocardial Infarction from MedPage Today

        This is an interesting finding because I swear that having children increases your stress and theoretically would increase your risk for heart disease (among other diseases).  And don’t forget the fact that your toddlers develop a … Continue reading

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Don’t be alarmed if you see a lot of this on Friday!

Glad to see that NORAD will be able to use its Santatracker system more than once a year! One of the ULC Monastery’s writers came up with a few predictions about the impending apocalyptic event (which can be read here: … Continue reading

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