If Exercise is Medicine then this must be bad medicine!

Image of i2This started the revolution.  Good idea for some applications – security, law enforcement, etc. bad idea for the general public since we already move too little!  If  Exercise is Medicine®  http://exerciseismedicine.org/index.htm then certainly the idea of not moving (with your own limbs that is) is bad medicine!

Move over Segway, Honda introduces the Uni-Cub – Orlando Sentinel.

This is sure to contribute to the further downfall of the human race (at least judged from a physiological point of view). Can there be any reason to manufacture something like this other than to make a profit? Besides the obvious – more people sitting and less people moving their bodies problem leading to obesity and a host of other chronic disease – there are some problems with this machine. It seems to work on smooth floors and surfaces: try going down a dilapidated sidewalk or your 3″ shag carpet from the 70’s. Was that the remote in the “model’s” hand or was she texting with her phone? I see some major problems with collisions, lawsuits, and envy among colleagues!

Apple seems to be good at creating products that we must all have (or can’t live without) and look cool and sexy will Honda and others do the same?

…and there is more trouble on the horizon!


Motorized Unicycle


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