Persistence is learned from fathers, study suggests

This is my Leave it to Beaver photo!

This came out just in time for Father’s Day 2012.  Great timing!  There is no doubt that mothers should and do get credit for a lot of what happens during child rearing but sometime I feel like we fathers (like Rodney Dangerfield) never get any respect!

So it’s nice to be acknowledged from time to time for contributions made to child rearing.

I feel strongly that most fathers have a significant impact on the upbringing of their children.  That of course can be good or bad.  We are human.  We are imperfect.  Children emulate us.  It is difficult for any parent to keep all this in perspective when we live in such a complicated world with so many things demanding our attention.

But we need to take time out and reflect (easier said than done) about our families and how our words, actions, and thoughts impact the quality of our family life.  After all the reason we decided to have children was to…

Persistence is learned from fathers, study suggests.


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