No PSA screening for men????

You know these things are decided by statistics!  False positives cause “normal” men to undergo unecessary treatments which may not have any bearing on their lifespan yet may drastically decrease their quality of life.

On the other hand how many of us know someone that was treated EARLY for prostate cancer before it was out of control and not treatable.  And they are still here thanks to that!

The test is not perfect but it is cheap and combined with existing and to be developed tests it could be a life saver.

If a family member has prostate cancer your risk is doubled!  Do you ignore that???

Was there a rush to judgement?  You need to look at the details of the findings.

“Of 1,000 men who are screened, at most one man will avoid a prostate cancer death,” LeFevre said. “Two to three will have blood clot, heart attack, stroke or even death from treatment of the prostate cancer. One in 3,000 men screened will die of surgical complications from the treatment.”

If you are that one in one thousand who dies from prostate cancer how does that make you feel???

Is this related to healthcare spending?  Times are hard.  Difficult decisions need to be made.  I think you should have the choice (assuming you are an informed consumer of medicine) as to whether or not to have this screening.  The health insurance industry is dealing with trying to save money on a regular basis.  We have some of the most sophisticated screenings and treatments in the U.S. but they can be costly.

Politicians never have an easy time deciding what is and what isn’t important to constituents.  Their job is akin to “robbing Peter to pay Paul” in my view.  Money disappears from one program to show up in another or to cover a downfall.

To blame the current administration is simply wrong.  Something had to change to “fix” the mess of the previous 8 years!  It’s been a long process but progress is being made.

USPSTF Scuttles Recommendations for PSA Screening Test – ABC News.


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