Did man’s greed create the HIV epidemic a century ago?

Interesting essay of the origins of the HIV epidemic and what may have lead to its spread outside of the continent.  Maybe it would have died out on its own with no carriers to transport it to populated areas.  Most certainly something else would come along as viruses and bacteria mutate and make the jump from animal to human.  However, the concomitant increase in colonialism certainly lead to the widespread prevalence.  Of course many ancient and recent empires have sought out new lands for their resources or for expansion.  That seems to be part of human nature.   We now live in an even more mobile world, irregardless of man’s desire to conquer new lands and their people, so it is even easier to spread new infectious disease worldwide.   Medicine is trying to keep up with these changes but it is not always successful and many times it is reactive:  meaning that we don’t develop the medicine and technology until after we have identified the problem!  There will probably always be mutations and there will probably always be certain aspects of human greed:  prosperity, economic development, etc. whatever you want to call it!

Maybe it’s like throwing gas on a fire!

Global economy!

Colonialism in Africa helped launch the HIV epidemic a century ago – The Washington Post.


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One Response to Did man’s greed create the HIV epidemic a century ago?

  1. To see what science is up to in this battle look at the latest news here at Science Daily: http://www.sciencedaily.com/news/health_medicine/hiv_and_aids/

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