A Cowboy named Bill

You might ask, “How can knowing one person change me personally?”. My daughter gave me the book “Butterfly Effect” for my birthday recently. The book, in a surprisingly way, tells a story of how one person’s actions has an impact on others and future events. The link below is also a story about how one person touched the lives of so many in different ways. Each one of us may wonder (or perhaps not) what is our mission on earth. That will differ from person to person depending upon our religious beliefs or non-beliefs, our cultural upbringing, and of course the path we choose to take in this life. Yet each one of us has a profound effect on the lives of others: our spouse, partner, parent, son, daughter, classmate, colleague, boss, student, the person reading or watching the news, friends and family, strangers you have just met, etc.

Whether these are positive or negative outcomes are shaped by a myriad of factors, many beyond our control. As we progress through life we should remind ourselves of the far reaching impact our lives can have on the lives of others and ask ourselves, “Is that the legacy I want to leave behind”.

I just hope that God grades on improvement or at the very least curves the grades! 😉

The link below tells a story of how Bill, a cowboy, touched a stranger’s life when they were brought together by a common disease: Prostate Cancer. It is a poignant story of how Bill not only touched the life of one stranger but how he touched the lives of many people throughout his life. I hope you will be as touched as I was and I hope you will consider the legacy each one of us leaves behind.



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