Pike’s Peak 2011: Racing Through Thin Air | The Bacon Strip

Pike’s Peak 2011: Racing Through Thin Air | The Bacon Strip.

Wow!  This is incredible!  Now I know the purists and traditionalists won’t like this much but this is much better than a Segway http://www.segway.com/ for Green transportation.  Why?  Because you supplement the battery power with your leg power so you can still get a vigorous workout if so desired (check out the heart rate data in the story above – sure it is at high altitude but just the same).  The Segway (and perhaps other electric conveyances) you just stand or sit!  Not much exercise going on there!  It would be interesting to do a research project with these “bikes” to see what kind of training effect they might provide.  I could see them more useful for commuting (don’t want to get overheated and sweaty) than for racing but who knows!  Recreational riders and those with orthopedic/health problems may benefit (another good study idea).  And of course families might benefit (weaker riders could ride with stronger riders).  


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