Exercise a ‘Wonder Drug’ for Cancer Survival

Exercise a ‘Wonder Drug’ for Cancer Survival.

We’ve been saying for years that Exercise is Medicine and now the evidence is mounting that it can do more than prevent a lot of the maladies that seem to plague modern socitey.  Now we are seeing reports of improved recovery from cancer treatments.  We’ve known for quite a while that exercise rehabilitation is beneficial for lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc.  Now we can add the big “C” to the list.

If you are looking at some inspirational reading look at one of Lance Armstrong’s books. e.g. It’s Not About the Bike It's Not about the Bike: My Journey Back to Lifeor

Every Second CountsEvery Second Counts

You don’t need to understand professional bike racing (but it does add another dimension if you do) to follow the struggles LA went through with surgery, chemo, and side effects.  He has been an inspiration to many (myself included).  He may or may not have used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) during his career (that is perhaps forthcoming in an upcoming legal battle) which may or may not have been illegal at the time (or methods not available to detect them) but there is no doubt he has been a great advocate for cancer screening, detection, and treatment.

Exercise and getting back on his bike were a part of his rehabilitation.  Yes, he may have had other motivations (being a professional athlete as opposed to the many professional desk-jockeys) but I believe that the exercise he was able to accomplish (no matter how little early on) helped in his recovery process:  physically AND mentally.

Now stop feeling sorry for yourself and go exercise! 🙂


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