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This site is too cool, even if the comment section is like reading billboards for South of the Border http://www.thesouthoftheborder.com/ for a couple hundred miles on I-95! 

Anyway, back to the story!  If you go to the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (I wish they had given it a cooler name – it sounds more like a Telethon) you will find the route maps with video flyovers.  You can actually travel the race route like Google Street View.  Now I hope there is less snow in the mountains than in these videos and I hope the peloton doesn’t get stuck at too many intersections! Just kidding on that last one because the roads will be closed (sure to make more friends for cyclists – ha ha!).  Now I just hope their online coverage is as good as the Eurosport channel!

Home | USA Pro Cycling Challenge.


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4 Responses to Home | USA Pro Cycling Challenge

  1. They say the races are more competitive lately because the riders are doing less doping (and doing less super-human feats!). The riders still have superior genetics, great support and equipment, and the mental acumen to persevere/win! The USA have some very competitive Pros these days. Check this race out: our economy needs all the help it can get!!

  2. Actually, it isn’t the Pro Tour Challenge doing all the advertising but every town, bar, and hotel competing for your dollar! Come on USA show your pride and spend some money locally and stop sending it overseas!

  3. agrass9 says:

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