My son says that my profile photo is demonic looking!

OK, I guess it is (was).  I was trying to promote Men’s Health – Turn on the blue light for…

Since I just celebrated a birthday this past week I will use my latest creation of flocking flamingos in the shape of Six-O!

It seems my lovely sister began a tradition where “lucky” recipients would receive a “flocking” with the appropriate number of pink flamingos to celebrate a birthday milestone: 40, 50, 60…

Since I have lived many miles removed from my sister she has been unable to bestow this honor on my lawn (trees, shrubs, lights, planters, etc.).

To create this Six-O pattern I took a shot of one of the flamingos with my iPhone and imported it into Layers (a great iPhone app for “finger” painting) and erased the background.  Then I loaded it into Photoshop and created clones of the flamingo, arranged them in the Six-O pattern, and completed the project by filling the background with black (hmmmm…I wonder if that has any significance now that I think of it!).

Big Six-O and counting!



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