Do Genes Really Matter?

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They must!  The latest research seems to indicate (at least in mice!) that if we manipulate the genes involved with the Telomeres (caps of the DNA strands in the chromosomes) we can indeed modulate aging!

This is interesting but I wonder what happens if we begin to extend everyone’s lifespan!  Do we become over-populated?  Can our already fragile economy support more services for a growing (and elderly population)?  What about the impact on our environment? This might not be as good of an idea as it seems!

Taking hormones to alter aging (or reversing it as some believe) is not panning out as expected!  Read more here

If we want to extend our lifespans AND presumably our quality of life we should improve our lifestyles!  Read here for more information on that concept

AND as we have all been told at one time or another (or at least heard the terminology) “you are only as old as you feel!”  Read here for evidence to support that hypothesis!


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