Fall! Isn’t it great???

I know, I know!  Some of you have already had snow, sub-freezing temps, howling winds, etc.  I’m sorry (unless of course those things make you happy!).  Here in the mid-Atlantic area it has been pretty mild so far.  This makes me happy because I haven’t had to heat the house or use firewood! 🙂

Living in the South I missed the 4 seasons and the foliage.  On our walk yesterday we got to view some great colors.  It won’t be long before this year’s foliage is on the ground.  In the meantime we enjoy what Nature gives us!

Beautiful Fall colors in November


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One Response to Fall! Isn’t it great???

  1. Great shot! I love the fall color. Don’t worry about me – I’m in So Cal! In fact, I just blogged about summer still hanging around…great job!

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