So what is that left hand up to now?


It's best not to over-think this! :)
Piano: art form, therapy, or some type of torture device???



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One Response to So what is that left hand up to now?

  1. Now that I am taking up the piano I really do want to know what my left hand is doing! But not to dwell on that topic! I have recently re-discovered making music; something that I had little time for due to job and family. This is very addicting. Today there are so many ways to create, produce, and play music; and without having a band! Where producing music with a band creates an unique set of challenges such as creative differences, chemistry between band members, differing musical tastes, and the logistics of the rehearsing; trying to do all of that oneself is quite challenging! I really have always admired musicians such as Beck, McCartney, and Folgelberg who played most if not all of their instruments and did lead and backing vocals. I think others such as Enya and even Morisette do likewise. Anyway, I have this 16-track recording software which I really haven’t had time to figure out…now I have the time. It’s going to be challenging but fun! Did you hear that left hand????

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