Never discuss religion or politics!

Well, that’s what they say anyway!  But you know following the latest “mid-term” (mid-way between Presidential elections – every 4 years) elections.  After months and months of campaigning, sometimes negative campaigning it is finally over!  Or is it?  Seems like the “new breed” of Republican (Tea Party types, etc.) are challenging the Republicans as well as the Democrats.  This could be a good thing since I think we all need to pull together to keep this country strong and moving in the right direction (hmmm…what does that mean?).  There has been a lot of finger pointing about who is responsible for this and who is responsible for that. Unfortunately, I am not overly-optimistic that all these groups are going to cooperate.  Seems like we have three parties now!  Before one party could slow or block the efforts of the other but now the odds look to be increased with another faction.

This is going to be interesting!  Stay tuned!


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