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Do Genes Really Matter?

Genes! That’s what makes our world go round but what happens when we start messing with them??? Continue reading

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My son says that my profile photo is demonic looking!

Big Six-O creates need for new profile photo! Continue reading

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Fall! Isn’t it great???

I know, I know!  Some of you have already had snow, sub-freezing temps, howling winds, etc.  I’m sorry (unless of course those things make you happy!).  Here in the mid-Atlantic area it has been pretty mild so far.  This makes … Continue reading

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“Fatherhood is a man’s most important work”

“Fatherhood is a man’s most important work” Continue reading

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Seeing Meat Makes People Significantly Less Aggressive

Ha Ha! Let’s all hang some meat from our car antennas and see if we can reduce some of the aggressive driving out there! Maybe just some flashcards will work! How about an App for that??? I just remembered seeing … Continue reading

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Mathematical equation calculates cost of walking for first time

Walkers come in all sizes! Continue reading

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Never discuss religion or politics!

Hint: Never, never, never discuss either! You can never win an argument! It is like discussing Creationism versus Evolution! You could just play it safe and take the moderate position, e.g. God created man and they man evolved or The Tea Party politicians will infuse new ideas and thinking into the political landscape! Continue reading

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So what is that left hand up to now?

My foray into the wonderful world of the piano! Continue reading

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New Strain of ‘High-Runner’ Rats Uniquely Resistant to Disease

Maybe someday instead of “Yeah, there’s an APP for that!” it will be “Yeah, there’s a gene for that!”

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