It’s about being Mobetta!

My wife wanted to know why I was studying guitarists and their playing. She said, “you can already play the guitar really good.”. I said, “because I want to be Mobetta!”. In fact, everyone should strive to become Mobetta regardless of your goals! Mobetta Dad, Mobetta Husband, Mobetta Person, etc.

So I did a search on Google and apparently a lot of other people want to be Mobetta also! Below is a sampling:

“MO” BETTA Clothing Company, Apache, Oklahoma
Manufacturer of authentic western wear, custom tailoring and unique designs located in Apache, OK. – Options

Urban Dictionary: Mo betta’
Mo betta’. buy mo betta’ mugs, tshirts and magnets. To attain a status better than the original. My car is mo betta’ than yours. … – Options

Mo Hotta Mo Betta Hot Sauce Store | Spicy & Hot Sauces Since 1989
Mo Hotta Mo Betta is your hot sauce headquarters for best selling and new hot sauces, extracts, hot sauce gifts baskets, BBQ sauces … – Options

Mo’ Betta
Most of the responses were in the mo’ betta department: still more megapixels; more dynamic range (DR); bigger sensors; …… – Options

Mo Betta on MySpace Music – Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music …
MySpace Music profile for Mo Betta . Download Mo Betta Gospel / Christian Rap / Rap music singles, watch music videos, listen to …… – Options

Georgia Put Bull Puppies Pit Bull Puppies For Sale Pit Bull Pups …
Mo Betta Blue Pits a Pit Bull Puppy Breeder in Marietta GA has Georgia Put Bull Puppies Pit Bull Puppies For Sale Pit Bull Pups For … – Options

A List Apart: Articles: CSS Design: Mo’ Betta Rollovers
CSS Design: Mo’ Betta Rollovers. by Tim Murtaugh. Published in: CSS, HTML and XHTML, Scripting, User Interface Design … – Options

Mo-Betta: Complaints ‘R’ Us.
Random Web Done Right. A news and fad collective by the founders of Hartley. – Options

Mo Betta Surfer Jewelry
Mo Betta Surfer Jewelry offers original and unique handcrafted leather and hemp surfer jewelry for men and women. … – Options

You should become Mobetta starting today!


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