Economics 101

I just read an editorial today in the Baltimore Sun stating that it may be 10 (or more) years before we recover from the current economic recession (depression, etc.).  That is not very comforting for us aging Baby Boomers already upon a slippery slope.   It is certainly not the way I planned my approach to retirement!  My father used to say “You need more than Social Security in retirement!”.  It seems that you need more than that these days!  And it seems that every part of the plan has taken hits from pension plans to Social Security itself.  This past week it was announced that there would be no cost of living increase for Social Security recipients.  So even those that have made it to the “elusive” retirement age can’t rely on Social Security to meet any cost of living increases.  Me, I am in it in the for the long-run (whatever that turns out to be) and hope that things return to normal a little quicker than in that depressing editorial!


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