Why drugs?

Why do they do it?  What compels someone already near the top of their game to be at THE top of their game?  As a former cycling racer and current follower of professional cycling it is intriguing to follow the allegations in the press regarding pro cyclists. Professional cycling seems to be one of the most Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) tested sports!  While many unknown, lesser riders may allegedly use PEDs to simply ride at the highest level it is the “big names” that catch our attention:  Armstrong, Contador, etc.  Has our testing become so sensitive that if we happen to eat a piece of Spanish meat containing residues of clenbuterol or other substances we get punished?  One thing for sure if you follow professional cycling you will learn more than about bikes and riders! 🙂

Want to read more?  Go here http://velonews.competitor.com/2010/10/news/the-explainer-why-clenbuterol_146328?news


"I didn't want to do it they made me do it!"

Drugs? What drugs? I just eat what is placed in front of me!



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