It’s not Rocket Science! Or is it?

Metaphor for Complexity

OK, so how many electricians, plumbers, and even exercise physiologists have been in space? OK, I know one exercise physiologist who was part of a shuttle crew!

But who fixes the space toilet, changes a light bulb, or acts as a personal trainer (exercise has been shown to be an effective countermeasure to slow muscle & bone loss – being in space is like accelerated aging!)? How old was John Glenn the last time he went up??

The answer of course is the astronauts themselves not the actors on the Big Bang Theory!

So I am feeling pretty smug these days because in the past month I have replaced a pool timer, a post lantern, a heating element in a dryer, and irrigation sprinklers; operated a chain saw without losing an appendage; and maintained our home network! Ok, so maybe they don’t use a chainsaw (yet) in the International Space Station but they still need plumbing & electricity! So maybe it is Rocket Science after all!

There’s a lot pressure being a self-imposed Renaissance Man! I guess I need to go back to reading those classics and getting ready for this weekends project: replacing the garbage disposal! 🙂

Till the next musing,

Bleu Crabe


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  1. Seems as the link is not working today. Let’s wait and see what happens before I remove it.

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